Valheim Cheats Console Commands

Are you looking for Valheim Cheats, Valheim Cheat Codes, Valheim Console Commands, or Valheim Cheats Console Commands? Here we have all the working cheat codes that will help you to get in-game free rewards. Survival games like Valheim are very difficult for most players, and it isn’t easy to survive here without Valheim cheats. To help you, here is a list of working Valheim cheats along with a guide to activate them.


In this survival game, Valheim, players will assume the mantle of a formidable Viking warrior, tasked with proving their worth and earning a place in the esteemed halls of Valhalla. Brought to life by Coffee Stain Studios, the game is slated for a 2023 release on both Steam and Xbox gaming consoles. With limited resources at their disposal, players must gather materials and use their crafting skills to progress on their journey. The game takes its inspiration from the legendary Viking sagas and myths, transporting players into the world of characters such as Bjorn Lothbrok, the son of Ragnar.

However, it’s important to note that while cheating can make your journey easier, it may also take away the sense of challenge and accomplishment that comes with playing the game. If you choose to use cheats, we recommend using them sparingly and only when you’re stuck on a particularly difficult section of the game. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on all the available cheats in Valheim and how to use them to enhance your gaming experience.

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Valheim Cheats Console Commands

This list of Valheim cheats is divided into categories to make it easy for you to find the right cheat according to your needs. The list of Valheim cheats looks endless, so the best approach is to remember the main category of the desired cheats.

Character Cheats

Cheat CodesHow to Help You
godThis will enable God Mode. Invincible to damage.
healThis will heal your character to full health.
posThis will print the current player position.
beardThis will permanently remove your beard.
resetcharacterThis will reset Character data.
resetskill [skill name]This will reset the skill level to 0.
ghostThis will enable Ghost Mode. Enemies will ignore you.
pukeThis will reset your character’s hunger, while also restoring the default
hairThis will permanently remove your hair.
model [0/1]This will change your character model between masculine and feminine body types.
raiseskill [skill] [amount]This will raise skill level (for example raiseskill jump 100).
fovThis will change the camera’s field of view.
Valheim Cheats

Gameplay Cheats

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
devcommandsThis will enable cheats.
ffsmoothFreefly smoothness.
goto [x,z]Teleport to entered coordinates.
resetmapThis will reset map exploration.
tod [0-1]This will set the time of day. Both 0 and 1 will give you midnight, whereas 0.5 will give you noon.
skiptime [seconds]Skips forward in time, allowing you to change your day number and time of day.
resetwindThis will reset the wind.
removedropsThis will remove all item drops in the area.
spawn [item] [quantity] [level]This will spawn the specified item.
killallThis will kill all nearby enemies
stopeventThis will stop current events.
resetkeys [name]This will reset the specified key.
env [env]This will set debug environment.
dpsdebugThis will toggle the damage-per-second debug overlay on/off.
resetsharedmapThis will remove any shared map data from the cartography table.
printseedsThis will print seeds of loaded dungeons.
printbindsThis will print current binds.
debugmodeThis will enable Creative Mode.
resetenvThis will reset the debug environment.
listkeysThis will list all the global keys.
setkey [name]This will set a new global key.
event [name]Start event.
tameThis will tame all nearby tamable animals.
players [num]This will set difficulty scaling based on the number of players (0 = Reset).
sleepSkips forward one day.
wind [angle 0-360] [intensity 0-1]This will set the wind to specified angle/intensity.
tod -1This will reset the time of day to default.
nomapDisables map for this character. If used as a host, will be disabled for all joining players from now on.
exploremap Explore the entire map.
locationThis will spawn the location.
freeflyFreefly Photo Mode.
Valheim Cheats

How To Use Valheim Cheats?

Here are the ultimate guidelines on how to use Valheim cheat codes and commands. You have to manually activate Valheim cheats using the built-in console first. The only hurdle between you and your goals is the command console, so here is how you can access it.

  • Open the Steam account;
  • Go to the Steam library;
  • Search for Valheim;
  • Right-click on the Valheim icon;
  • Click on the “Properties” option;
  • Search for the “launch options” in the “General” tab;
  • Enter “-console” at the end;
  • Save the settings and exit the console; and
  • Press the “F5” key from the keyboard, while playing the game, to access the console.

Valheim Cheat Codes

Valheim is a survival game, where you play as a warrior who must explore, gather resources, and fight against mythical creatures in a procedurally generated world. To help you on your journey, the game provides you with a variety of console commands that allow you to cheat and get ahead. To use these commands, you first have to enable the cheats in the game. To do so, you need to follow a specific process, which is outlined step-by-step in this article.

In this article, you will find all the cheat codes available in the Valheim game, and how you can use them to get unlimited resources or perform other actions. Remember that using cheats can potentially ruin your gaming experience, so use them wisely.

Valheim Gameplay

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Now you can use the Valheim Cheats also known as console commands in this game. In order to successfully utilize cheat codes in Valheim, it is important to follow the instructions outlined in this guide. All steps have been clearly explained in a step-by-step manner, so you can easily follow along and activate the cheats you want. The game utilizes console commands, which means the specific command you use will depend on the action you wish to perform.

There are various cheat codes available in Valheim, each tailored to a specific purpose, and in this article, we have covered all of them. With these cheats, you can gain unlimited resources, making your experience in the game much more enjoyable. Don’t forget to check out our other articles for cheat codes and console commands for various video games.

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