Steam Game Says Running But Isn’t | Fixes

Sometimes you face an issue like Steam Game Says Running But Isn’t. Closing a game in Steam is as easy as closing any other app but the problem starts when you open the game after you have closed it. It’s a frequent issue that occurs in Steam games that says, “Failed to start the game (app already running).”

Many players said that this issue pops up even though they haven’t played for a while. The cause of this problem is not known The cause is not known, but this article will teach you how to resolve this issue.

Steam Game Says Running But Isn’t | Steam Error (Fixes)

If Steam says that you’re not able to launch the game due to it being in the process of running, it could be faced with a myriad of problems. In addition to not being able to play the game right away and you’ll be unable to begin a new VAC-secured game was Valve Anti-Cheat protected. You may even experience difficulty closing Steam generally.

It can be a hassle If you experience power loss or your game gets smashed during the game with multiple players and you’re not allowed to rejoin the game. Follow the troubleshooting steps, one at a time to resolve the issue.

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1. Wait Until Steam Cloud Finishes Syncing

If the game you were playing is compatible with Steam Cloud and stores the game’s progress on that platform it, you must wait for your local data to be synchronized between the cloud server before you begin the game.

It’s likely to take just two minutes, but when the data size is huge or your connection to the internet is slow, it may take longer. While it’s unlikely, the synchronization could get stuck and you need to quit Steam to fix the problem.

2. Restart the Steam

Shut down your game (and Steam in the event that you are able) to restart the game and hopefully remove the issue that caused the error. If Steam does not allow you to close it, you’ll have to shut it down with the following method. It is commonplace when it comes to online services. Once you’ve successfully closed Steam then restart it and open it in Administrator mode.

3. End Steam Processes In Task Manager

In the beginning, you must discover the game’s name which will appear in Task Manager so that you are able to be able to recognize it.

  1. Visit Steam Library. Steam Library and click right-click on the game.
  2. Choose the Properties tab and then go to the Local Files tab..
  3. Click on the Browse Local Files button and check out the executable’s name.
  4. Click the Start button and select Task Manager.
  5. On the Processes tab, search for processes, applications, or services that are associated with the game.
  6. Click on each and then select close the task.
  7. It is recommended to apply this to any Steam-related process and also.
  8. Restart Steam afterward and start the game once more.

If you are unable to locate your game, as well as Steam processes in the Task Manager or close them correctly using Task Manager, you may want to utilize a third-party program to solve this issue. Download and install the program. After you have launched it, you’ll be able to see the list of processes running. Locate the game and click right-click on the game’s name, then choose the option to kill the process.

4. Close Game Launcher

A variety of popular games, such as GTA V, Cyberpunk 2077, Ubisoft titles, and many more, utilize an exclusive launcher that works with Steam. Steam client. If you play the game via Steam their standalone client will launch as well. You’ll need to manually close the launcher to remove the issue if this is the case with your game.

5. Update Windows

A version that is not up-to-date with Windows could be the reason for the issue It is possible that updating it using the steps below could be able to eliminate it:

  1. Click right-clicking at the Windows logo and select Settings.
  2. Choose from the update and security section.
  3. Select Windows Update from the menu on the left bar.
  4. Click on the “Check For Updates” button.
  5. In the event that Windows detects any new updates, you can allow these updates to be downloaded and installed.
  6. Reboot your computer afterward.

6. Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

The outdated or incompatible drivers for graphics cards can trigger many Windows problems and errors. Some users have reported that their Steam issue was solved following the update of their drivers, so that’s the next thing you’ll need to do next.

Windows updates generally include driver updates as well. But, they are unable to locate and install the most recent versions of drivers in certain cases. It’s better to update your drivers by yourself, by using one of the following methods:

Device Manager

  1. Just right-click on the Start button, then click on Device Manager.
  2. There will be a list of your devices that are installed within the window that will open.
  3. Look for your display Adapter option on the list, then double-click the option to increase.
  4. Right-click on the name of your monitor and select the option Update Driver in the menu dropdown.
  5. Choose the search automatically to find the most recent driver program option within this new screen.
  6. Follow the steps to complete the installation, and then restart the PC.

Manufacturer’s Website

Both as well as have the most recent driver versions for their GPUs. You can find them on their official websites. The download and installation processes are straightforward. Before you begin the process, you must uninstall the previous graphic drivers with DDU. (Display Driver Uninstaller) software. This will eliminate the remaining driver files which could create more problems in the future.

Third-Party Driver Updaters

There are tools that are helpful to the recognition of your system, by detecting any outdated or problematic drivers and automatically installing the appropriate drivers.

Driver Pack is among the top tools for the job. Here’s how to make use of it:

  1. Install and run the app.
  2. Click on the “Scan Now”button in the primary interface.
  3. When the scan has been completed the scan, you’ll get the list of flagged drivers.
  4. Locate the driver for your display, then click the Update button on the right side of it to start downloading and installing the most recent version.

Bit Driver Updater is another useful app. is an additional useful application:

  1. Download and open it. Bit Driver Updater application.
  2. Press The Scan Drivers button.
  3. Select the Update Now button that is right next to the corrupted drivers.
  4. Restart your computer.

7. Delete Problematic Files

According to user reports of the same issue, certain insecure files are causing the error. The file was GameOverlayRenderer64.dll for most cases, and you either have to remove or relocate it. If you’ve been closing down your computer and not closing the game as well as Steam on its own, then you may have damaged some Steam-related files, or Windows the system file.

Perform a system scan to identify the problem:

Enter ” command prompt” in the Windows search box, then open the application. It is also possible to right-click the Start logo and select to select the Windows Power Shell (Admin) option if you’re using Windows 10. Paste this command, then press Enter: sfc /scannow

It will then connect with Windows Update servers and download and replace damaged files. So, wait until the process is complete. Restart your system and verify whether the game is operating normally. If the issue persists If it continues to persist, check out what Microsoft has posted and find out how to handle the corrupted files on your system.

8. Check For Problematic Applications

Some users have reported that applications caused problems during the launch of the game and removing or disabling them solved the issue. Razer Synapse commonly causes the problem, so make sure to disable it prior to running the game if using this program.

When the game is over Once the game starts, the game can be turned back off and continue using it as normal. Many users have claimed the RivaTuner Statistics Server was the cause, and it is part of MSI’s Afterburner software.

The update of Afterburner software can also update to the RivaTuner Statistics Server which will solve the problem and resolve the issue. Another app that was problematic is the Logitech Joystick Utility. You’ll have to disable it or take it off.

9. Verify The Integrity Of Game Files

Your game’s files may be corrupted, stopping the game from operating normally. It is necessary to utilize Steam’s integrated Steam tool to check and fix the game’s files. It is able to scan all game files and replace missing parts.

  1. To open Steam go to the Library and click on the name of the game.
  2. Select the Properties and then navigate toward the Local files tab. Local Filestab.
  3. Click the Verify the integrity games files button.
  4. You must wait for the verification process to complete and then rerun the game.

10. Run The Game In Compatibility Mode

A game that is played in compatibility mode might help to fix the issue, particularly when the game is not new.

  1. Input the name of the game into the Windows search box.
  2. Right-click the icon of the game in the result and select the Open File Locationoption.
  3. Right-click on the executable (.exe) file, and then select properties.
  4. Go to go to the Tab for Compatibility. tab.
  5. Select the option that is dedicated to running this program in Compatibility Mode option.
  6. Select your Windows Version then click Apply, and then OK.
  7. Try running the game again.

If this doesn’t resolve the problem If this doesn’t work, return to the Compatibility tab and uncheck all the boxes.

11. Move The Game To A Different Location

In the beginning, you must create a new Steam library folder that is in another location similar to a different drive

  1. Open Steam and go to Settings.
  2. Choose the Downloads option from the menu bar to the left.
  3. Hit the Steam Library Folders button.
  4. Select the “Add Library Folderoption Choose the location where you would like to build the Library and select the New Folder.
  5. Choose a name of preference for the folder, then click “OK”.
  6. Today, visit Steam Library.
  7. Right-click the name of the game that is causing trouble and then select properties.
  8. Navigate towards go the Local Files tab and then click the Move Install Folder button.
  9. Choose the 2nd Steam library you’ve created and click”Move Folder” and then hit the ” Move Folder” button.

12. Restart Your PC

If the previous methods did not help you eliminate the issue completely or if you’re caught in a rush to resume your game without conducting troubleshooting tests, just restart your computer. It will restart Steam and shut down the processes responsible for the issue.

13. Reinstall The Game

If you find that other games do not show any issue running them, but you get an error that is unique to a specific game, it’s recommended to uninstall the program and then reinstall it.

Uninstall Through Steam

  1. Open Steam and click the Library icon in the upper left-hand corner.
  2. Find the game that is troublesome in the list and then right-click on it.
  3. Choose the Manage option by selecting Manage from the drop-down menu, then select uninstall.
  4. Click delete when an error prompts you whether you’d like to erase the game’s files.

Uninstalling Through Control Panel

  1. Start your Control Panel tool.
  2. In the section of Programs Select the Uninstall the Software option.
  3. Find the game’s title in the list of games.
  4. Select the game, then choose to uninstall it.
  5. The system will take you to Steam which is where you need to click the Uninstall button within the window that confirms your purchase.
  6. After uninstalling the game, you’ll have to go into Steam’s library, search for the game then select the Install button.

Follow the instructions to complete the procedure and then play the game.

14. Reinstall Steam

As you are aware, Steam can be described as a launcher application which means it lets you launch different applications, such as games. So, uninstalling Steam will erase all games that you’ve installed using the program, along with their data saved.

That’s the reason why uninstalling Steam is at the top of this list. It serves as the last option. The positive side is that the removal of Steam can eliminate damaged files that could be the cause of the issue. Before you uninstall Steam You should first go through the Steam directory to confirm that it has been installed correctly.

If you see the folder “C:\Program Files\Steam\,” in File Explorer, you can securely install Steam using the method below.

When you’ve installed Steam within a different location that holds various files and information such as “C:\Program Files\,” it is recommended to remove Steam by hand using the alternative method or you may damage vital system files.

First Method

  1. Stop the Steam application.
  2. Enter ” Add or Remove Programs” in the Windows search bar.
  3. Click on the option that has a gear icon that appears in the results to start the Settings window.
  4. Search for “Steam” in the search box or locate it in the list of applications.
  5. Select it, then click to uninstall.
  6. Check back in your Program Files and check if the computer has deleted Steam’s folder.
  7. If you’re still in the dark it’s likely that the installation was in error from the start.

You must now again, and then uninstall it following that.

Second Method

  1. Leave Steam and go into your Steam directory, which is located in either of the below places:
    • C:\Program Files\Steam
    • C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam
  2. Eliminate all the contents and files in the folder.
  3. Press your Windows + R keys and then type Regedit into the Run dialog box.
  4. When your Registry Editor window opens up open, go to the next directory using the left-hand menu
    • For 32-bit Operating Systems: ” HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Valve\.
    • For 64-bit Operating Systems: ” HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Wow6432Node\ Valve\.
  5. Click right-click to the Valve and select delete.
  6. Then navigate through ” HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Valve\ Steam” in the Registry Editor and then delete this Valve folder once more.
  7. Close the browser and go to Steam’s official website. and download Steam again.
  8. Start Steam’s .exe File and then follow the directions to install Steam over again.
  9. Open Steam then downloads the game you’ve been having issues with before.


Everything is explained here through a step-by-step approach, we hope there aren’t any issues running the Steam application. If you still face any problems while running the game you should contact us through the Contact Us section and We will try our best to help you.

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