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Are you searching for Starcraft Cheats? We have compiled a list of the latest active Starcraft 2 cheats for you ( also use for Starcraft 1 Cheats), along with the effect of each cheat code. We will also provide a step-by-step approach for activating these cheat codes. The game is focused on the concept of military organization and strategy.


Starcraft One and Two is a sci-fi military game that is set in the twenty-sixth century. In the science fiction military game Starcraft, which is set in the twenty-sixth century, there are three different species. The Xel’Naga were the original species in the universe and they attempted to create two additional generations in a laboratory.

The initial experiment conducted by Xel’Naga gave rise to the Protoss, which was successful. However, the second experiment ended in a catastrophe as the Zerg species ended up destroying their creators, the Xel’Naga.

The issue of overpopulation on Earth led the government to colonize other planets in the galaxy. As you colonize, you’ll find yourself fighting against the Zerg most of the time, who oppose your colonization efforts. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the Zerg or other enemies, using Starcraft cheats can be a helpful option.

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Starcraft 1 Cheats | Starcraft 2 Cheats

Playing Starcraft can be a challenging experience, but fortunately, cheat codes are available to help you progress more easily. With these cheats, you can quickly win battles, get unlimited food supplies, and even skip levels.

You can also remove the fog of war, which will allow you to see the entire map without having to explore it manually. These cheats can save you a lot of time and effort in the game, and make the experience much more enjoyable.

Cheat CodesEffects That Will Be Produced
black sheep wallReveals entire map
food for thoughtEliminates Unit Supply Limit
medieval manUnlocks all Research Abilities
nogluesEnemy Protoss cannot use Psionic Storm
opheliaEnable Mission Select (enter terran#, zerg#, or protoss# after this cheat)
radio free zergUnlocks Hidden Zerg Music Playing as Zerg (Requires Brood War)
something for nothingGrants Free Upgrades
the gatheringUnit Spells and Abilities Are Free
war ain’t what it used to beDisabled Fog of War
breathe deepGain 500 Vespene Gas
game over manInstantly Lose the Mission
modify the phase varianceUnlocks all Buildings
operation cwalBuild Faster (affects enemy teams)
power overwhelmingGrants Invincibility
show me the moneyGain 10,000 Minerals and Vespene Gas
staying aliveCan Continue Playing After Winning
there is no cow levelInstantly Win Mission
whats mine is mineGain 500 Crystals

How To Use Cheats in Starcraft?

These Starcraft cheats only work in the single-player mode, so no luck for multiplayer lovers here. After you install the game, follow these steps to activate the codes mentioned in the above list.

  • Open Starcraft
  • Start a game in single-player mode
  • Open the Starcraft chat menu by pressing the “Enter” key
  • Type Starcraft cheats
  • Hit “Enter” again to enable it

These Starcraft cheats contain spaces and use them as given in the list, or they won’t work. Remembering these cheats is very easy because they are simple words instead of random alphabets.

Starcraft Gameplay

(Video Credit: LowkoTV)

Starcraft Cheat Codes

The Starcraft cheat codes provided above are all still active and can be used in the game. One cheat code, ‘there is no cow level’, allows players to instantly win any mission without completing it. To activate these cheats, simply press the enter key on your keyboard, enter the desired cheat code, and press Enter again. While some players may choose to rely on cheat codes to make the game easier, others may prefer to challenge themselves without using cheats. Ultimately, the choice is up to each individual player and their own skill level.


If you’re a beginner in StarCraft and find the game difficult to play, cheat codes can help reduce the difficulty levels. Here is a list of all the StarCraft cheats that can be used to perform various actions within the game.

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