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Are you looking for Rome Total War Cheats, Rome Total War Cheat Codes, Rome Total War Codes or Rome Total War Money cheats? We have a list of cheats and codes that will help you to win the battle. Cheats are used to bypass some system limits. We will tell you how to use Rome Total War cheats. Rome Total War is a strategic role-playing game developed and released for Windows in 2004 by Activision.

Rome Total War

Rome: Total War is a critically acclaimed strategy game developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Activision for Windows in 2004. The game combines elements of real-time tactics and turn-based strategy, immersing players in the world of ancient Rome as they lead their armies to conquer the known world.

The story is set between 270 BC and 14 AD. It comes up with a single-player gameplay mode and a turn-based gameplay mode. Choose a Roman family from the available options and progress your way toward becoming the king of Rome.

Rome Total War Features

The game’s campaign mode allows players to control one of three Roman factions – the Roman Republic, the Carthaginian Empire, or the Gauls – as they attempt to expand their territories and dominate the Mediterranean. Each faction has unique units and abilities, and players must navigate political and economic challenges in addition to military battles.

The game’s battles are fought in real-time, with players able to control individual units and formations, issue orders, and make strategic decisions on the fly. The game’s detailed physics and animations make battles feel realistic and intense, with players able to witness their soldiers fighting hand-to-hand, archers firing arrows, and cavalry charging into battle.

In addition to the campaign mode, Rome: Total War also features a robust multiplayer mode, allowing players to compete against each other in both land and sea battles. The game also has a robust modding community, with players able to create and share their own custom content.

Rome Total War Graphics

3D real-time battles occur here where you give direct orders to various battalions of your army and win the match. Your kingdom will need money for everything but don’t worry because Rome Total War cheats for money are available, which provides you with instant money.

Train your army units such as cavalry, siege, archers, and infantry to get the most out of them in the battle. Keep the morale of soldiers high during battle or they will flee.

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Rome Total War Cheats

This game’s cheat codes only work for the single-player gameplay mode, but they are worth using. They are case-sensitive so enter them as they are given in the list, or they won’t work.

Money Cheats

CheatsHow to Help You
add_money 20000Adds money to your current funds
bestbuy or gamestopUnits are 10% cheaper
add_money 40000Adds money to your current funds
Rome Total War Cheats

AI Cheats

CheatsHow to Help You
ai_turn_speed [number]Set AI turn speed
disable_aiAllows you to roam the map without being attacked.
run_aiRe-enables the AI.
Rome Total War Cheats

Settlements Cheats

CheatsHow to Help You
capture_settlementCaptures the currently entered city.
create_unit [settlement] [unit_ID] [experience] [defenses] [attack]Creates a unit in the selected settlement or characters army with the stats you input
process_cq “name of settlement”All building in a settlement is completed, this only works on one settlement at a time.
add_population [Settlement] [Number]Adds population to a current settlement.
create_building [city] [building]Creates a new building.
Rome Total War Cheats

Character Traits Cheats

CheatsHow to Help You
character_resetResets character to default.
give_trait [character] [trait] [level]Gives the character the trait at the chosen level.
list_traitsLists all traits
Rome Total War Cheats

Rome Total War Battle Cheats

CheatsHow to Help You
force_diplomacy accept/decline/offForces the opponent to accept the diplomatic proposal.
diplomacy_missionCreates a Diplomacy Mission.
auto_win defenderThe defender automatically wins the next auto-resolved battle.
invulnerable_general characternameGeneral is invulnerable in combat
diplomatic_stanceSet the stance of the two factions.
list_unitsLists all units in your army.
burn_piggies_burnSet all Piggy Wings on fire.
auto_win attackerThe attacker automatically wins the next auto-resolved battle.
Rome Total War Cheats

Bonus Cheats

CheatsHow to Help You
date [year]Changes the years.
toggle_fowToggles Fog of War.
move_character [character name] X,YMoves character to location. Both X and Y need to be filled in with coordinates.
oliphauntMakes elephants 40%. This has been known to cause crashes, so use it wisely.
season summer/winterchanges season.
jerichoWalls will crumble.
Rome Total War Cheats

How To Use Rome Total War Cheats?

Luckily, the process to enable these cheat codes is very simple because the game features a command console. Most of these Rome Total War cheats require you to enter specific values or names to activate them. Activating some of the above-mentioned cheats will block you from using other cheats while some cheats can be used once. Here are the guidelines to access the command console in Rome Total War.

  • Open Rome Total War Game
  • Start a game
  • Press the tilde (~) key
  • Enter Rome Total War cheats in the command console

Rome Total War Cheats Accuracy

All the above-mentioned cheat codes are 100% working and tested through the live season. You can use them to get extra benefits and an advantage over your opponents. There are many cheat codes available for the Rome: Total War game, and here in this article, we have covered all of them. At present, there are some cheat codes that are not actually available like cheat codes for Unlimited Money but still, you can use an alternative to add as much money as you want in the game with the add_money cheat code.

Best Unit in Rome: Total War

To lead your army from the front the best unit so far in Rome: Total War game is Pharoah’s Bowmen, Egypt. You can even say that these units are the most powerful. Just press ~ from your keyboard, enter your cheat code, and press Enter and now you can enjoy the most powerful fight without any fear. It is very simple to do that while playing this game.

Rome Total War Gameplay

(Video Credit: TotalWarBattles)


Overall, Rome: Total War is a masterful blend of strategy, tactics, and history. It immerses players in the world of ancient Rome and allows them to experience the thrill of leading their armies to glory. The game’s combination of turn-based strategy and real-time tactics makes it a unique and engaging experience, and its multiplayer and modding options add even more replayability.

It is a must-play for any fan of strategy games or ancient history. Here we cover all working Rome Total War cheats which include Money, AI, Settlements, Character Traits, battles, and Bonus codes. And also cover the complete process of how you can use these cheat codes in your game also.

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