How To Make Clothes On Roblox?

When you’re jumping around the latest trending obby or becoming (virtually) rich playing your most popular tycoon game you’ve probably seen some amazing clothes on the avatars of other players.

If yes, you may be tempted to lust after the avatars of your Roblox acquaintances. You’ve probably seen some pants and shirts in the Roblox store But how do you design your own clothing?

With a bit of patience and a decent image editor program along with this tutorial and you’ll be on the way to making some of the most stylish Roblox-related clothes.

Use This Platform For Creating Roblox Clothing

If you’re a Roblox player, you’re likely conscious that it’s accessible across a variety of platforms.

The game was only available on Windows for the initial six years The game was made mobile in 2012 following the launch of the Apple iOS App Store. After a few years, they released the Android Version of this well-known game. A year later it was released on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

However, the fact that you love using Roblox with one of the platforms, we strongly suggest that you create and upload your clothes using a Mac as well as a Windows PC.

There are methods to design and upload designs for pants and shirts using mobile devices with a mix of applications, however, generally, the experience is superior with a personal computer as opposed to phones or tablets.

If you must have an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, we’ve provided some suggestions and tips below.

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What do You need To Get Started?

Before starting you’ll need some important things like:

1. Image Editing Software

The first step is to get imaging software. There are a lot of options available There are a lot of options, and you may already have one that you like. However, whatever application you select must have support for transparent layers.

If this seems like something like Greek to you, do not worry. We’ll go over the procedure in a second. At present, you only have to install the software. Due to the layer requirement, basic applications like Microsoft Paint won’t suffice.

Yes, you are able to use Photoshop however it’s not required to buy the license if you do not already have one.

You can instead turn to one of the many free software programs such as GIMP or the internet-based

GIMP is more comprehensive than the other applications, but because of this, it is more difficult to learn the curve for those who aren’t familiar with it.

Due to its ease and ease of usage, we’ll use to guide us through this tutorial.

Notice: is not available for macOS So If you’re using a Mac you should use a different option such as GIMP.

If you are using an alternative program, remember that conceptually it’s identical, even though the program will operate slightly differently.

To download, go to and click on the link to download the software.

After downloading then take it with .exe file from .zip file. Double-click to initiate the installation.

Follow the instructions and then wait for the installation to finish.

2. Clothing Templates

The other thing you’ll require is the templates for clothing that are provided by Roblox.

Roblox insists that you make use of its templates when you design regular shirts or pants to wear as your character.

If you’re looking to design a t-shirt, however, you won’t require the templates.

Near the upper right-hand corner of the page, there are two images. One of them is with the name “Shirt” and one reads “Pants.”

Right-click on the image and select “Save the image to …” Select the directory you want to save your files to before clicking”Save”. “Save” button.

Make sure you save these files as you’ll require these files when you begin to design your clothes.

3. Roblox Studio

Although it isn’t absolutely required however, using Roblox Studio, you can check and preview how your designs will appear on avatars prior to uploading your designs to Roblox.

Since you’re not able to upload clothing or clothes to Roblox without having to pay (see below) is it advisable to verify that your designs are what you’d like them before spending your Robux?

To get Roblox Studio, go and click the “Start Creating” button.

After performing a scan, Roblox will present a button that reads “Download Studio.”

Click twice to open the .exe file to start installing Studio.

4. Money

While making t-shirts and standard pants and shirts is cost-free, uploading the last 2 items on Roblox will cost you money.

There are two options available here.

The first step is to sign up for Roblox Premium. If you are a member of Roblox Premium the user pays monthly for a subscription in one of three levels: $4.99, $9.99, and $19.99.

The plans are identical except for the amount of Robux you’ll receive every month: 450, 1,200, and 2,200 in turn. Also, you will have access to all the same premium features in the lower plan that you would enjoy on the top plan.

What are the best features?

Premium users have as stated, the ability to upload their own clothing styles on the Roblox account (assuming they have Robux remaining within your account) In addition, you gain access to exclusive levels and items, in addition to other benefits.

If you also want to sell your designs for clothing to other customers, you need to sign up for an account with a premium membership. The price is set by you and Robux gets 30% of the profits.

Another alternative is to buy Robux in the amount required for each article you wish to upload.

If you’re only interested in making only a couple of items of clothing but do not intend to market the items, this could be the best choice. As of the moment of writing, the price to upload your image is as follows T-shirts for free; regular shirts and pants for 10 Robux.

One Robuck costs less than $0.01 in US dollars. However, you have to purchase Robux as a set of 800, 400, or 1,700.

How To Make Clothes On Roblox (Step-By-Step)

1. How To Create A T-Shirt For Roblox

As mentioned above, there are three kinds of clothes you can design to match the appearance of your Roblox avatar.

The t-shirt is a regular shirt and pants. The first thing we’ll do is the t-shirt as it’s the most simple to make. The Roblox shirt is made of solid color, with an image printed on the front. That’s it.

The basics are pretty simple, right? In order to begin it’s necessary to locate or create an image. You can make use of it to locate an image, but be sure the photo or illustration that you select is royalty-free.

If you’d like to make your own, make use of any image editing program such as or a web-based tool such as

Whatever method you decide to go with the image you choose must be square with dimensions of 512 x 512 (in the pixels).

When you have the image you wish to use then save the image to your computer. then visit and sign in to your account.

  • Then, click then the “Create” link at the top of the page. When you first click this link you may be asked to install Roblox Studio. As we mentioned above that this isn’t a necessity, but it’s a nice thing to keep in mind.
  • Select “Manage my experiences” to continue.
  • Choose”My Creations” under the “My Creations” tab, if it’s still not chosen.
  • Scroll down, and then click “T-Shirts” on the left-hand right.
  • Click on “Choose File” Browse to locate the image file you want to download.
  • Select the “Upload” button.

Once you upload your avatar the t-shirt will show up on your avatar editor.

2. How To Create A Standard Shirt?

We didn’t utilize templates or when creating T-shirts. We’ll start using them now. If you haven’t downloaded the shirt template from that link earlier, you could download it by returning to the “Create” tab and clicking “Shirts” on the left-hand side of the screen.

On the final page, there’s a note at the top which reads “Did you make use of the template? If not, you can download it here. .”

  • Click the link below to download the template.
  • Then, open before opening the file template.
  • Click on “File” select “Open …” and browse to the template. (Make sure that you choose the shirt template, not the pants template.)
  • When you have the template open, spend a few minutes reading the diagram.
  • Note that the colors correspond to various areas of the avatar’s body.
  • There are three distinct surfaces. One for the torso and another for each arm.
  • The diagrams “fold up” to wrap around the body, as depicted in the photos in the design.
  • Remember it is just an outline.
  • Then, you will add your design to the template by using “layers.”

Remember that anything that isn’t within the color-coded rectangles will not affect your shirt. Roblox will only include what is included within these rectangular guides.

  • The next step would be to make the layer.
  • Select the “Layers” menu and select “Add New Layer.” will create the layer over its “Background” layer which contains the template. However, ensure that it is there by looking at the “Layers” palette at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Once you have your new layer selected choose a color from the “Colors” palette at the bottom left corner.
  • Then, choose your rectangular tool on the “Tools” palette.

For this tutorial, we’ll paint all of the shirts in identical colors. So, click and drag to form an elongated rectangle that is completely over the shirt template.

  • After selecting the color Once you have selected the color, select”Backspace.” Once you have selected, press the “Backspace” key to fill in the selection using the color you have selected.
  • Let’s now add the image that we downloaded for the T-shirt’s front. our shirt.
  • Select the “Layers” menu and select “Import From File.” …” Choose your image and then click “Open.”

In your layer panel, remove the checkbox to hide your color layer, thereby hiding it. It is necessary to conceal this layer temporarily so that we are able to place this image in the proper position on the front part of the shirt.

  • When the color layer is selected, press the “Shift” key and hold the edge of the newly imported image to adjust the size so it will fit onto the front of your shirt.
  • Then, click then drag it until it is in the right spot above the box that reads “Front.”
  • Check the box again for your color layer to ensure that it’s visible.
  • Select the layer that is on top and then click on”Merge Layer Down” or the “Merge Layer Down” button (the button that has an arrow pointed downwards).

Make sure to click it a second time to ensure that all your layers have been merged into one.

  • Select “File” then “Save as” …” then change to the “Save with type” dropdown to ” PNG.”
  • Give the file the name you want and select “Save.”
  • Simply click “OK” on the next screen.
  • The file is now ready to upload to Roblox.

As you gain experience as become more proficient with You can play around with the shading templates (or even design your own) which can give your clothes a more realistic appearance. Look on the Internet on the internet for “Roblox shading templates,” and you’ll see lots of free pictures.

3. How To Create Pants?

The pants design process is the same procedure as the shirt, with the exception that you’ll be using this template from Roblox instead.

  • Create a new file, then open the template.
  • Be sure to take note of the direction of the various face of the pants.

Testing, Uploading, And Selling

Once you’ve designed your designs, you’ll be able to see your designs within Roblox Studio. Log into the application, log in using Roblox credentials. Roblox credentials, and then choose one of the games in”My Games”. “My Games” tab.

It is important to test your clothes during a game. There should be a default game installed on your account. If there isn’t one, then create one. If you have selected the “Home” tab selected then scroll down to “Models” in your “Toolbox” until you are able to see “R6 Roblox Dummy.”

  • Drag the icon into the main game’s screen.
  • Click on the dummy with the right click and then select “Zoom to” for a close-up view.
  • Click on “Plugins”. Click on the “Plugins” tab and ensure that “Clothing Previewer” is selected.
  • On the Clothing Previewer window In the Clothing Previewer window, click “Import Templates” and then select the design you want to use for your clothes.
  • Click “Open.”
  • Then, drag and click the template over your Dummy.

It is possible to rotate the avatar so that you can be able to see the front.

  • To do so, go to”Model”, then click on the “Model” tab and then click the “Rotate” button. “Rotate” button.

This allows you to set your avatar to observe the clothing or pants from every angle.

  • To upload your own design make sure you go to the “My Creations” tab on the Roblox website and then click “Shirts” or “Pants.”
  • Select to click the “Choose File” button, and choose your PNG image file to upload.

Remember that uploading pants and shirts costs Robux, which is ten dollars per item. So you’ll require Robux in your account prior to your upload.

  • Once you’ve uploaded your file then click”Upload for 10 Robux” and then click on the “Upload for 10 Robux” button and then hit “Confirm.”

You’re all done! It’s as easy as pie, right? Go to your avatar page where you can equip your avatar with newly outfitted clothing.

Are you looking to sell your latest designs?

You need to have an account with a premium price. The gear icon is the first option to click on, and select “Configure” then select”Sales”. “Sales” tab. Check the box to put the sale of the item and determine the price you will charge for the item.

Designing Roblox Clothing On Mobile Devices

If you’re looking for the mobile version you can do it however we wouldn’t suggest it due to the fact that it’s a bit more laborious. Like on your computer, You’ll require a photo editing application.

  • We suggest the Picsart application.
  • Download the templates for clothing to your mobile and open them using Picsart.
  • Use the palette tools for coloring and designing the templates in the way you’d like.
  • After you’re done, click “Apply” in the upper right corner, followed by “Next,” and finally “Save” (at the lower).

The uploading instructions are identical to those for a regular PC, with the exception that you have to use the desktop version of the Roblox website, and do not use the mobile app.

What About Hats And Other Accessories?

Not everyone is able to upload custom-designed faces, hats, and accessories in Roblox. The company treats these items in a different way than it does clothing items like pants and shirts.

In order to be able to create customized designs, you need to be a part of the User Generated Content (UGC) program. Participation in this program requires an application process where you provide your own original designs to be reviewed.

Roblox is competitive because Roblox is limited in the number of developers they will accept which is likely to be for quality control reasons. The company doesn’t want to see a mass of unrefined and non-inspiring content on the Roblox sphere.

It is important to note that, in contrast to shirts or pants, which consist of several 2D surfaces, hats, and other similar items are 3D. So, the process of designing the designs of your choice is more complicated and requires 3D rendering software such as Blender.

Tutorials are plentiful on YouTube and you can also seek assistance from other developers in Roblox’s Roblox developer forum to get tips on to get started. As of the moment, however, the acceptance window can end at any moment.


With a bit of determination and practice you’ll soon begin designing and uploading your very own Roblox clothes like a pro. Even if you’re not among the most skilled at obbies, or the most wealthy tycoon, you’ll look nice while playing.

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