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Get Unlimited CP and Credit for Call of Duty Mobile | 2023

Everyone knows that to buy anything in Call of Duty you have to pay money. That’s why every player looks for a COD CP Generator, Free COD CP Generator, Free COD Credit Generator, Call of Duty Free CP, and Free COD Points Generator.

Everyone needs resources to buy Guns, Clothes, Skins, and other tools which can not be possible without credit. Therefore, today we will share how you can get free CP and Unlimited Credit without spending any money.

Although these tricks are not 100% accurate somehow you can get free resources that can be used to purchase weapons, tools, outfits, etc.


There are many ways to get free CP but everyone is striving for the easiest one that can give free CP in a short time. People like to participate in giveaways but there is little chance to get free CP due to the large number of participants.

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How to Get Call of Duty Free CP and Credit?

There are many tools that artificially generate CP and Credit and one of them we will share with you but we have no association with this generator, this is just to help you.

You should avoid sharing any personal information and you did not need to perform long tasks as many other free cp generators required.

When you have the opportunity to get free CPs and Credit then why waste your money?

 Free COD CP Generator No Verification CP Generator

How Does This Free COD Points Generator work?

  • First of all, you have to register yourself with your email id.
  • You just have to spend four to five minutes on some tasks like trying a new game, or a new app, or filling out a short survey.
  • Please avoid sharing any personal information in any form.
  • All of the requirements have been met, and you will be able to generate as much cod mobile CP as possible. With these credits, you can buy the Guns of your choice.

Is Free CP Generator A Scam?

It is not advisable to use any kind of “CP generator” for Call of Duty or any other video game. These types of tools are often advertised as a way to generate in-game currency or other rewards for free, but they are often scams that can compromise the security of your device and personal information.

In most cases, these “generators” require users to enter their login credentials or other personal information, which can then be used by hackers to gain access to their accounts. Some generators may also contain malware or other harmful software that can damage your device.

Furthermore, using third-party tools to generate in-game currency or other rewards is often against the terms of service for most video games, and can result in your account being banned or suspended.

It is generally safer and more legitimate to earn in-game currency or rewards through normal gameplay or by purchasing them directly from the game publisher or through authorized retailers.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay

(Video Credit: Techno Gamerz)


As you know the fact that people who have high-caliber artillery will eliminate you in seconds without powerful weapons. Therefore you need to have weapons with long shoot range. If you have any suggestions or facing any issues, please let us know through the comments box or contact us.

Other than this CP Generator you can also search on Google for more free CP Generators.

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