Arena Of Valor Free Accounts ID Password

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Welcome back guys to another wonderful and amazing multiplayer online battle arena game. Arena of Valor, formerly Strike of Kings, is one of the top-grossing games of the years 2021 & 2022. Games have another variant for Chinese gamers namely Honor of King.

AOV’s Developer & Publisher

This game is jointly developed by TiMi Studio Group and Tencent Group, and published by Level Infinite. The game comes with the multiplayer battle idea where two teams compete with each other and each hero is separately controlled by the teammate.

Today in this blog we will provide you a list of active AOV accounts for those who don’t have an account but want to play on this battlefield. You can download the game from Google Playstore and iOS free of cost but you need a login ID and Password.

Free Arena of Valor Account

You can use a lot of free resources and upgrade your hero, outfit, speed, weapons, etc. Many online platforms offer free resources like redeem codes, free accounts, etc. but you can also buy the items from e-stores.

This is a well-known fact that people have more attracted to free gaming resources rather to buy them. Even if you talk about buying game items, you can not buy everything you want due to budget issues because most gaming players are school-going.

Free AOV Accounts

If you guys are also looking for free Arena of Valor accounts, you are in the right place. Here we have a long list of free accounts with user IDs and passwords.

We suggest you change the password if you want to keep these accounts permanently, otherwise, this is an open source and everyone can play the game through these free accounts.


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Free Accounts Arena Of  Valor

These free accounts are compiled from some open sources available on the internet platform. You can change the password to keep secure the account from unauthorized access. You can also make your very own account with an e-mail id.

Those who don’t have an email ID can opt for the free list of accounts. Mostly those people who got banned or got blocked are looking for free Arena Of Valor accounts, and that’s why we have created this blog to facilitate them.

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Arena Of Valor Free Accounts ID Password 2023


Password: RaighosterOpres


Password: GOPxce24xAs


Password: Laungcerhers42


Password: 894A4654a


Password: Grolceontedet36

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Arena of Valor Free Accounts


Password: Coldetexam35


Password: jhonsean124


Password: Gazopsetdente


Password: Samandragolf


Password: Migrocati2rw

Since 2016, this Game is still top-rated and among the top revenue-generating online video games. Where you can enjoy over 100 heroes and the glory of the game environment. The game also maintains players’ ranking and you can see it at the Official site of Arena of Valor.

Arena Of Valor Gameplay

(Video Credit: MoonLight)


We hope you guys really enjoy the game but don’t forget to redeem the free game items, we have provided you with a separate article. The link to Redeem Codes is already mentioned at the start of this article.

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