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SimCity is a classic city-building game that allows players to become the mayor of their very own virtual city. With this game, players have the opportunity to design and build a modern city from the ground up, providing all the necessary facilities and amenities for their residents.

This is the game where you can build your dream city. SimCity provides the opportunity to become a city mayor and design a modern city for its residents with all facilities such as water system, electricity transmission, roads, sewerage system, education, health and care, entertainment industry like cinema, etc. You can start with just a piece of open land. You can use all the available resources to build infrastructure. When you complete infrastructure development more people will move to your city.

SimCity Features

One of the standout features of SimCity is the level of detail and customization available to players. From the layout and design of the city’s streets and buildings to the placement of essential services such as water and electricity, players have complete control over every aspect of their city.

SimCity Environment

You can build parks, entertainment cinemas, playgrounds, and commercial and residential buildings. You can also build special buildings for the management of the city and monuments to celebrate the glory of your virtual city in a style. As the population of your city increases with time, you will be making more money by collecting taxes, charges, parking fees, etc. You can use SimCity cheats to generate cash and spend the money on the betterment of your citizens.

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SimCity Cheats

The in-game currency is used to develop the city and for expansion projects like new buildings and parking. The money provided at the start of the game is not enough and that’s why players use cheat codes to get more money. Most of the available SimCity cheats on this list are used to turn in-game features on or off according to your desires. If these cheat keys were not enough for you, use a cheat to turn the debug menu on and take the cheat experience to a whole new level.

These cheat codes should be used in the sandbox mode and you can not apply them in other modes. This list is not much longer and is a combination of some short keys.

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Cheat For Sim City | SimCity Cheat

SimCity CheatsHow to Help You
ALT+CToggle Crime On/Off
ALT+AToggle Air Pollution On/Off
ALT+HToggle Homeless Sims On/Off
ALT+GToggle Garbage On/Off
ALT+UToggle Futurization
ALT+NToggle infinite ControlNet
Lshift+Ctrl+CDebug Menu (not much use)
ALT+SToggle Sewage On/Off
ALT+PToggle Ground Pollution On/Off
ALT+MToggle Health Issues On/Off
ALT+FToggle Fire On/Off
SimCity Cheats

Money Cheat SimCity

SimCity CheatsHow to Help You
ALT+WAdd $100,000 to City Budget
Ctrl + Alt + WAdd $5,000 to your profit
Money Cheats SimCity

How To Use SimCity Cheats?

You can use these SimCity cheats only to work in the sandbox mode. Now here we will see how to enable the Simcity cheat code. Here we mention all the necessary steps, use this guide as it is, and the effects. Many players struggle just because they are unaware of the right steps.

  • Open SimCity
  • Start a new game in Sandbox mode
  • Use cheats during the gameplay

There is not much complication and the best thing about these SimCity cheat codes is that they are just a combination of shortcut keys. You should remember to use it at any time and anywhere. If you want to Disable these cheat keys, this doesn’t require any special skill, just press the same shortcut keys again.

SimCity Cheats Overall View

Cheat codes are the ultimate way to get unlimited resources and it dost not require any additional program or new installation. But the problem with these codes is that you can use them only in sandbox mode. To get unlimited money in this game you have to press ALT+W while you are in the sandbox mode of the game. You can not unlock everything simultaneously but one by one. Apply the keys one by one and get the perfect result. All the available and working keys are given in this article with brief effect details.

Cheat codes are a widely used game resource to get things in a shortcut way. Some developers provide guidelines by themselves but some warn the players. If you try to bypass some critical protocols developer may block your account. Third-party utility software is an example of prohibited resources.

SimCity Gameplay

(Video Credit: Games TV)


Overall, SimCity is a fun and engaging game that offers players endless hours of entertainment as they design and build their own virtual metropolis. Whether you’re a seasoned city-building veteran or a newcomer to the genre, SimCity is a game that you won’t want to miss.

So that’s all from today’s article but we will keep updating this article with new and improved information, tips, and tricks. These are some cheats of SimCity but in reality, these are not the cheat codes. You can say that these are the short keys that you may use while playing the game to unlock many things, for example, to get free money in the game. You may also read our other articles on various strategy games like XCOM 2 Cheat Codes, shooting games, Roblox Toy codes, Minecraft free accounts and redeem codes, and car racing games.

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