Shadow Fight 3 Promo Code 2023

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Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is a fighting game developed by Nekki that was released in 2017. It is the third installment in the Shadow Fight series and the sequel to Shadow Fight 2. The game features 3D graphics and a variety of martial arts styles, weapons, and equipment for players to choose from.

Shadow Fight is an online fighting game where you have to customize your characters according to your need. You can get the latest weapons, swords, costumes, etc. to make a strong defense. Shadow Fight 3 is available at Google PlayStore and on the iOS platform.

In Shadow Fight 3, players control a character known as the “Shadow,” who is on a quest to uncover the mystery of the “Shadow Energy” that has been plaguing their world. As the player progresses through the game, they will encounter a variety of enemies and bosses, each with their own unique fighting style and abilities.

Shadow Fight 3 Features

One of the standout features of Shadow Fight 3 is its character customization system. Players can choose from a variety of different martial arts styles, including Muay Thai, Kung Fu, and Karate, and equip their character with a variety of different weapons and equipment.

This allows players to tailor their character’s playstyle to their own preferences and create a truly unique fighting experience.

In addition to the single-player campaign, Shadow Fight 3 also features a multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other online. In this mode, players can participate in ranked matches and climb the leaderboards to become the best fighter in the world.

Shadow Fight 3 Platform

You can play with a computer as well as real players in a 3D environment. This is the 2nd last version of the Shadow Fight series. This is a martial art-based game using swords. This is the first of its kind 3D game.

Shadow Fight 3 mobile experience is exceptional, controls are just amazing and well-placed.

Shadow Fight 3 Promo Codes List 2023

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Promo codes or redeem codes are utilized to obtain free rewards such as outfits, weapons, gems, and more. While these items can be purchased with real money from gaming stores, not everyone can afford to do so. As a result, codes are periodically made available for a limited time to provide players with an opportunity to acquire these items for free.

Shadow Fight Gems are the game money you can use to purchase different items from stores. To get a lot of Gems you should try the below-mentioned list of codes. The codes are normally released on some social media platforms to increase the interest of players.

Shadow Fight 3 Promo Code 2023

NBEL-VBVX———Get Surprise Rewards

TRUE-SUPE———Get Surprise Rewards

UF57-HYFE———Get Surprise Rewards

NEWY-EAR1———Get Surprise Rewards

VBCZ-MSQN———Get Surprise Rewards

XOWM-8OML———Get Surprise Rewards

Redeem the promo codes at the official store of Shadow Fight 3 as soon as possible.

Shadow Fight 3 Promo Codes

NB_elVBVxI3YF———Get a Bag of Gems

PZ_wxnVjPEmbY———Get a lot of Gems

IF_3rPnO67C8F———Get a Bag of Gems

BW_8m01CaRXpb———Get a Chest of Gems

DU_05oA7XDuW4———Get a Chest of Gems

QU_98sDKolJ3u———Get Surprise Gems

Latest Redeem Code: “RBLO-OUHO”

More promo codes will be updated according to availability, meanwhile should try these codes earliest.

Kode Promo Shadow Fight 3 2023

KB_vjWSAxI9ZD———Get a Bag of Gems

DF_dryNkPLmbi———Get a lot of Gems

IA_9rPoP64AtE———Get a Bag of Gems

DW_1n92EaRXqw———Get a Chest of Gems

These codes are still working and can be used till year-end.

Kode Promo Shadow Fight 3 2023 Hari INI

DA_99aA1ZVuY4———Get a Chest of Gems

XL_75qhJOKJ2u———Get Surprise Gems

Latest Redeem Code: “VRDA-2022”

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How to Redeem Shadow Fight Codes?

To redeem the above-mentioned codes you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps to avoid any errors:

  • Step one is open the Official Store of the game and pastes the code into the offers section;
  • Then click on the Free Offers button;
  • Copy and Past the desired Input Promo/redeem Code;
  • After entering the code correctly, press the OK button to redeem the reward;
  • On successfully following every step, your reward will be redeemed and incorporated into your inventory.
  • To check whether the reward is redeemed, just open your game and check the reward in the inventory section; and
  • You can repeat the same steps for each of the above-provided promo codes.

More Codes

These codes are available for a limited period of time and after the time-lapse codes become obsolete, and new codes will be available if released by the developer. Free codes are released by the developer to keep engaging the players and provide equal opportunity.

Shadow Fight 3 Gameplay

(Video Credit: Shadow Fight)


Overall, Shadow Fight 3 is a fun and engaging fighting game that offers a deep character customization system and challenging gameplay. It is sure to appeal to fans of the fighting game genre and is definitely worth checking out. These codes are the absolute gift for the Shadow Fight 3 Players, who will get free-of-cost premium rewards, gems, chests, etc. You may also check our other article on redeem codes like PUBG Guns Redeem Codes, Free Fire Promo Codes, etc.

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