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Saints Row 4

Saints Row IV is the fourth installment in the popular action-adventure video game series developed by Deep Silver. The game was first published in 2013 and quickly gained a reputation for its open-world gameplay, over-the-top humor, and diverse range of activities and missions.

As you know Saints Row is an action-adventure video games series and this is the fourth edition developed by Deep Silver. The game is very popular in its category. Once It marked the end of the Saints Row series but now its fifth edition is coming soon and its final release date is somewhere between August 2022 to November 2022. The fourth edition is available for Consoles and PC players.

Saints Row 4 Features

One of the key features of Saints Row IV is its open-world environment, which allows players to explore a virtual version of Steelport, a fictional city based on St. Louis. The game world is filled with a wide variety of landmarks, buildings, and vehicles, providing players with a rich and immersive experience.

Saints Row 4 Gameplay

The gameplay in Saints Row IV is fast-paced and action-packed, with players taking on the role of the leader of the Third Street Saints gang, who has been elected as the President of the United States. The player must defend the country against an alien invasion, using a variety of weapons and superpowers.

Saints Row 4 Superpowers

One of the most unique aspects of Saints Row IV is the inclusion of superpowers, which the player can acquire and upgrade throughout the game. These powers include the ability to run at super speed, jump great distances, and even fly.

Saints Row 4 Challenges

The game also features a diverse range of activities and missions, including traditional side-quests, as well as minigames and challenges. These activities provide a great way to explore the game world and level up your character.

Saints Row 4 Customization

Saints Row IV also features a robust customization system, allowing players to create their own unique characters and customize their appearance, weapons, and vehicles.

Saints Row 4 Map

The game features big maps, and a big city, and deals with enemies, aliens, and lots of other things. Your mission is to complete storyline missions and side missions, and use superpowers to deal with an alien invasion.

The game offers the race against NCPs to win prizes for ranking, the top spot on the ranking table is the ultimate goal of players. Here you use the abilities of fire and ice from your fingertips to kill aliens. As you perform better and progress through Saints Row 4, upgrade your abilities to increase stats and deal more damage. If you create too much damage, the police will start chasing you till you die, and this will reset your progress, so be careful.

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Saints Row 4 Cheats

There are a limited number of Saints Row 4 Cheat codes but don’t worry, these are sufficient to deal with your enemies and defeat them. You can try Saints Row 4 Cheats Money first, and this will provide you with a big amount of money to use as an in-game currency. This way, you will be able to buy whatever you need and there are many things you have to buy. Spawn special vehicles like tanks to travel in a style and this may cause a lot of destruction in the city. Destruction means you are activating the police and here comes the action of your abilities too.

Saints Row 4 CheatsHow To Help You
asciiThis will enable the ascii mode, here all gameplay is made of computer characters.
evilcarsThis will make all of the cars on the road target you and start attacking you.
givehovertankSpawns an alien hover tank.
hohohoThis makes all of the pedestrians either pimps or prostitutes.
isquishyouAll cars can now drive over other cars like tanks.
noglitchcityThis will disable the Glitch FX.
repaircarThis will repair your current vehicle.
superbuffThis will unlock the Buff.
supertkThis will unlock Telekinesis.
bigheadmodeThis will activate a special Big Head mode.
fastforwardThis code will speed up the progression of time.
givetroubleSpawns an XOR.
insanecityThis will activate the Insane City.
letsrockThis code will give you a full load-out of randomized weapons.
nosuperpowersThis will disable all the superpowers.
runfastYour super-sprint doesn’t exhaust your Stamina.
superdfaUnlocks Death from Above.
unlockitallGrants access to all unlockables.
cheesePuts $100k in your pockets. This is the in-game currency.
fryholeAll of the dead bodies lying around start to raise up into the air.
goodygoodyRemoves the Notoriety from you at any time.
instantwardenThis will generate instant Warden notoriety.
mascotAll pedestrians turn into mascots.
nowardensThis will disable all the Warden spawns.
superblastThis will unlock the Super Blast.
superstompThis will unlock Stomp.
letsrockThis will generate Weapons.
dlc_unlimited_ammoThis will generate Infinite Ammo.
dlc_unlimited_clipThis will generate Infinite Clip.
vroomThis will generate Indestructible cars.
Saints Row 4 Cheats

Saints Row 4 Cheats Money

Saints Row 4 CheatsHow To Help You
cheeseThis code will put $100k in your pockets. This is the in-game currency.
Saints Row 4 Cheats

Saints Row 4 Cheats Power

Saints Row 4 CheatsHow To Help You
nosuperpowersThis will disable all the superpowers.
Saints Row 4 Cheats

How To Use Saints Row 4 Cheats?

To use saints row 4 Cheats, you have to follow certain specific steps. If you are always short on money or weapons and have to find them after every fight, use the cheese key or ammo key to have unlimited resources or make the clip unlimited so you don’t have to reload every time.

  • Open Saints Row 4 and start a new game.
  • Go to the HUB menu of Saints Row 4.
  • Access the “Extras” section.
  • Access the “Cheats” section.
  • Enter any Saints Row 4 Cheats from the list and activate it.

You should keep in mind that activating these cheats will disable the auto-save function of the game, if you do not save manually you lost progress. Remember that all the achievements are also locked, so do not save the game while the cheats are activated. If your habit is to save the new achievements, first unlock the achievement mode by deactivating all the applied cheats.

Saints Row 4 Top Cheats

These are some cheat codes available in this game, you can choose any of the above-given cheats but the most commonly used cheat codes are “cheese” to get 100k money in your pocket, and “letsrock” to generate weapons. This thing may depend upon what you want to generate. The complete list of cheat codes is already provided.

Saints Row 4 Flying

If you want to fly in the game you have to use the mod version of this game. As for now, there are no such cheats are available.

Saints Row 4 Golden Gun

To unlock the golden gun in saint row 4, use this cheat code ‘goldengun’ in your console. To activate cheat in this game just go to Hub Menu >> Extras >> Cheats, this is the place where you can enter your desired cheat codes.

Saints Row 4 Gameplay

(Video Credit: Kevduit)


Overall, Saints Row IV is a fantastic action-adventure game that offers a unique and enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a fan of the series or new to the franchise, this game is definitely worth checking out. This is a great game but Saints Row 4 Cheats take it to some other levels. If we talk about without cheats, you are provided with only some necessary items to deal with the challenges of the city.

An important item is a collectible finder which enables you to get the exact location from the map where you can collect game items and this will save you time to spend on other important tasks. You should also read our other articles like Roblox Toy Codes, Minecraft Redeem codes, Mafia 3 Cheat Codes, Free Fire Codes, Fary Cry 5 Codes, etc.

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