Can’t Connect To Friends Minecraft Server | Causes & Fix

Minecraft Minecraft is one of the most popular games that gives unrestricted freedom to players and allows them to come up with anything they can think of. One of the best features is the ability to build your own Minecraft server and manage it, as well as let your friends join. In the same universe, you and your pals can build, mine, and fight mobs and even interact with one another.

Can’t Connect to Server

All the fun could quickly go downhill If you encounter problems when connecting to a Minecraft server. You may you receive error messages such as ” Can’t Connect to Server.

Wear your reading glasses and follow the steps we’ll discuss below to fix the issue that you’re experiencing.

How To Fix The Connection Issues With A Friend’s Minecraft Server?

If you’re new to Minecraft or Minecraft, you may not be aware that there are multiple ways in which two or more people can play the game on an online multiplayer server.

Four modes of Minecraft multiplayer are available, and Minecraft multiplayer game is one of them. The issue you’re having is related to the first-choice online Servers.

You may play with your friends by using the other three options at a later time However, for now, let’s fix your problem using your Online Servers. It is essential to double-check your work before getting your hands dirty. Let’s make sure the problem goes away within the first few days. The server host needs to verify whether the user with issues with connecting is in their friend’s list of friends. Then, remove your friend, then add them again.

Invite your friend to join joining the server, without your invitation of you. Each party restarts their games as well as their computers and attempts to play again. If none of the above actions made an impact, you should try the next steps:

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1. Check Your Internet And Network Connections

The initial step should be to be sure that you’re connected to reliable internet.

Verify that you have an internet connection working. Open your browser, tap to search, or launch an internet-dependent application to check if they work properly.

If you don’t, deactivate the Wi-Fi connection, then allow it to be enabled again.

If the problem is specific only to Minecraft, you can restart the Wi-Fi device. Remove the plug, then wait for around 30 seconds before plugging it back in, and then wait for it to fully boot.

If you’re on the internet in public places like the workplace, at university, in a cafe, or at a cafe Perhaps the administrator of the network isn’t allowing Minecraft. Contact them to inquire about it.

2. Adjust Firewall Restrictions

The firewalls are the rules of the network that decide which connections to the internet to allow and which to ban.

The firewall might be preventing your system from connecting with the Minecraft server that you’re trying to join, and you need to make sure Minecraft can be permitted within your firewall.

  1. Navigate towards The Control Panel and select System and Security.
  2. Select Windows Defender Firewall and select”Enable” and then the ” Allow an app or feature through windows defender firewall” option on the menu on your left.
  3. Within the window that pops up that appears, click the Change Settings button.
  4. Search for javaaw.exein the list and select both private as well as Public options on the list.
  5. Click OK.

Additionally, you must ensure you are using Port 25565on the firewall of your network is available and ready to transmit and receive traffic:

  1. Select the Inbound Rule section from the pane to the left in the Windows Defender section.
  2. Right-click and select ” New Rule…
  3. Choose a port and create a rule to use 25565 port, twice to UDP and another to TCP.

If you’re running third-party applications with firewall capabilities, check their settings and ensure Minecraft can be permitted.

Additionally, your modem or router might come with a firewall of its own. You’ll need to sign into an interface for the Internet on the modem or router and then check the settings. If the firewall is blocking Minecraft You can let Minecraft connect or turn off the firewall for your modem.

3. Login To Your Minecraft Account Again

An easy solution is to renew your profile’s authorization and connection to servers by logging in to exit the Minecraft account. Then, log back in using your password and username.

Verify the current status of the Minecraft Server following the update.

4. Refresh Minecraft Server

In the event that you’re using Minecraft‘s Java version Go to the bottom of servers and then click Refresh, which will usually fix small connection issues.

The problem with the connection isn’t always your fault since Minecraft servers may be overloaded from time or shut down to perform maintenance, causing connection issues.

Find out your status on the Minecraft server and then wait at least a few hours before attempting to restart in case there’s a problem.

If you’re using Minecraft with consoles, think about the possibility that your console’s network could be down. Make sure you check the status of your console’s network prior to you continue:

5. Update Minecraft

Incorrect Minecraft servers are the most significant reason for the game’s malfunctioning issues.

If you’re playing with an older version and trying to connect to servers that have the latest version, you’ll face difficulties.

Each of them should ensure that their software is up-to-date to the most recent version.

Windows generally update its apps on a regular basis, however, you must make sure to check the version with Minecraft Launcher in order to ensure.

If the version you have is not up-to-date, go to The Microsoft Store, click on the three dots icon, then choose Download and Updates.

Click on Updates and you’ll be able to see Minecraft listed in the list of old apps.

Download the update, reboot your computer, and connect to the server once more.

Be aware that beta Versions of Minecraft cannot communicate with stable versions.

You’ll need to delete your Beta Version if running one, and then upgrade to a stable edition prior to connecting to the server.

6. Get A Public IP Address

It’s a common error to provide your friend with an IP address that is private, instead of your public IP address.

This is where your friend is required to connect to your server. The private IP address will give them the error message in Minecraft.

To find an IP address that is public, visit one of these websites or Google ” how to find my public IP address” and pick one of the following websites to help you with the issue:

They’ll instantly show you your IP address the city and region you reside in and the internet service provider you use, and more.

Make sure to disable your VPN prior to logging into the websites.

7. Set Up Port Forwarding

This is probably the most complicated one in this listing, however, setting port forwarding is vital if you want to invite buddies to connect to the Minecraft server.

This article has attempted to break down the process into steps you can easily follow so you are able to handle it with ease.

1. Find Your Router And Computer IP Address

In order to be able to access the website of your router it is necessary to locate the router’s IP Address using your computer’s settings.

  1. Go to Settings and then click Network and Internet.
  2. Click on “View” to see your network’s properties and find Wi-Fisection. Wi-Fisection.
  3. Locate the default Gateway section Then write down the IP address next to it.
  4. Also, look to the IPV4 address option and note the IP address next to it.

  1. Go into Apple Menu, System Preferences Click on Network.
  2. Select the WI-FI connection to the left.
  3. Click Advanced Go on to the TCP/IP tab.
  4. Look for what is under the router heading and its IP address is next to it.

  1. Start a terminal, and type ” ip r.”
  2. The IP address of the router will be the final number in the set.

2. Set A Static IP Address

If you assign an IP address that is static to your computer and not having to alter your IP address within the server’s settings each time you switch it back off.

It’ll stop your IP address from shifting when your system loses connectivity to the router.

  1. Stop Minecraft completely. Minecraft server as well as close the Minecraft application completely prior to proceeding.
  2. Use your preferred browser to open it and copy the routing IP that you discovered before in the search box.
  3. Connect to the router’s site by entering the password as well as the password If required.

NOTE: If you don’t know your login credentials at this point, there’s a high possibility that the factory-default credentials are which can be found in the rear of your router, or in its manual.

  1. The page will fully load and then you will see the list of items connected to it.
  2. Since each router’s page differs from the other and the menus can fall placed under some of the sections below:

  • Connected Devices

  • Network

  • Devices

  • Settings

  • Advanced Settings

  • Parental Controls
  1. After you’ve found the list, search for the IPV4 address of your computer’s IPV4 number.
  2. Secure the IP address. This is typically simple as simply clicking a box next to its name or clicking the gear icon for settings and then selecting the reserve option or bind option.
  3. Select save to save or Apply before you exit Do not panic should your router begin to reboot itself.

3. Set Up Minecraft Port Forwarding

  1. Check for your port forwarding section in the main menu on the web page of your router. If you can’t locate it, search for it in the settings and Advanced Settings sections.
  2. Under the Name or Rule section, type an appropriate name, for example, ” Minecraft.
  3. Minecraft’s default port in Minecraft will be 56565 however, if you’ve never modified the port number on your firewall settings on your computer then you must type in the inbound text box and it should read ” Internal Port” or something similar.
  4. Then, enter the number, 25565 number into the outbound text box. inbound box with the text ” Service Port” or something like that.
  5. Input the static IP address that you’ve assigned to your computer in the ” IP Address” box.
  6. Within” the ” Type” or ” Protocol” section, you’ll need to choose between TCP as well as UDP.
  7. Click on Save or Apply.

The router will refresh if it is required to be done automatically. Now it is possible to invite friends and family members to connect via port 25565 from your public IP address to connect to the Minecraft server.

8. Update Drivers

Old or corrupted Network drivers could cause compatibility issues or problems with connections.

You can upgrade the driver and fix the issue:

  1. Just right-click on the Windows logo and select to choose Device Manager.
  2. Find and double-click the Network adapters from the drop-down list.
  3. Locate and right-click the title of the driver that you’re currently using, and then select the Update Driver option in the drop-down menu.
  4. Then, in the window that pops up, select the option that reads, “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.”
  5. Follow the directions and then restart your PC following that.

You could also utilize any of these driver upgrader software applications such as The to download, install and upgrade the drivers on your Network drivers.

  1. Download and launch it. Then, open the Bit Driver Updater application.
  2. Hit the Scan Drivers button.
  3. Find the current Network driver within the driver’s list, then click the Update Now button beside it.
  4. If you’d like to upgrade all your outdated or outdated drivers, press the Update All button.
  5. Reboot your system after the installation is completed.

The other alternative is to install which will detect any obsolete, corrupt, or problematic drivers and then install the right driver for you.

  1. Download, install, and then open Driver It’s that simple.
  2. Click on the “Scan Now” button.
  3. Locate your identified Driver for Network in the list, and select Update.
  4. If you choose to purchase the Pro version of the application then you’ll be able to update all of your drivers that aren’t working using the Update All button.

9. Uninstall Mods

Certain third-party mods and non-official ones could cause issues and conflicts in your game. Therefore, remove all mods, and then check whether the issue continues to persist afterward.

10. Flush The DNS

It is a very uncommon issue, however, it is possible to flush DNS in case everything else fails as the last option.

The process of cleaning the DNS is the process of getting rid of an IP address or DNS details, potentially resolving issues related to internet connectivity, security, and other problems similar to those.

Enter ” Command Prompt” in the Windows search bar, then open the application.

Copy into your computer the following command to flush DNS using ipconfig You should get the following feedback: ” Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.”

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