While can be considered to be one of the top gaming consoles, however, it could still ruin your mood if it displays an error in the mechanics or malfunctioning functionality during playing.

As with any other technological device, PlayStation3 has its own peculiarities.

There is a ” PS3 Cannot Start the Appropriate Storage Was Not Found” error is one of them.

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Continue reading to learn the best solution to this problem and other typical PS3 issues you might be facing in the future.

PS3 Cannot Start the Appropriate Storage Was Not Found

If you see this error, it means something is wrong on the hard disk.

A variety of issues could trigger this error.

Other particles or dust could cause the hard drive to fail.

It could have become disconnected and loose as a result of an assembly problem or an impact, or damage and wear.

It could also be the hard disk is going bad and is now fried.

Don’t jump to conclusions, but.

Follow the steps below in order, and then see which of them can fix the problem.

A. Clean the Hard Drive

The best option is to assume that your hard drive is little loose or dusty.

To cleanse it, you’ll need an Phillips Head jeweler’s screwdriver.

1. The PS3 to the right and look for the door to the hard drive. Take it off with your fingers or any other tool you consider useful.

2. After the lid has been removed and the lid is off, you will notice the blue 8-mm screw that is affixing the cage of the hard drive on the frame. Take it off using the Phillips head screwdriver designed for jewelers. Be careful not to damage the screw.

3. Pull the pull tab from the cage, and then pull it back towards your body until the drive pops out.

4. The drive must be secured within an enclosure with four 4.3 millimeter Phillips screw heads. Unscrew them to open the HDD.

5. You should now clean the steel cage as well as the drive with care. Inject in the place that the HDD was taken out of.

6. Let the drive go for a few minutes, after that, put it back in it with care. Make sure that you push the HDD into the correct direction as well as that all screw holes have been correctly aligned.

7. Try restarting the PS3 next time and, perhaps, at this point you won’t encounter that error.

B. Format the Hard Drive

If this method does not work, consider the hard disk is corrupted.

It is possible to resolve the issue with formatting, however be aware that formatting it will erase the entire saved data including music, games images, videos, and pictures.

1. Repeat the steps in the preceding section However, don’t tighten the HDD cage just yet.

2. Connect the cable from the PS3 game controller to any of the USB ports in front of the device.

3. Press on the ” X” button on the controller while pressing power button on the PlayStation.

4. After you have the ” Utilities” screen appears, you need to remove the drive from the compartment. You will see the number ” 0” under ” Format.”

5. The ” Restore incomplete” screen will pop up after a few minutes. Watch for a message to come up asking if you wish to format your hard drive.

6. You must now put your HDD back into its storage compartment and then click ” Yes” on the screen by using your controller, pressing ” X” button.

7. It is recommended to be patient and wait for your system’s format to complete the drive and then reboot itself. When the Home Menu appears, shut off your PlayStation.

8. Connect your Blue screw and then place the lid back in its original position. Try restarting the PS3 once more and check whether it functions as it should.

C. Change the Hard Drive

If neither of these options above work then your hard drive is in the midst of its lifespan.

It’s best to change it out with a new 2.5″ HDD or SSD.

Check that the drive you choose includes at minimum 120GB or more capacity.

The procedure of getting rid of the existing HDD is described in the preceding sections.

After you take it out of its cage switch it to the new drive and then place everything back where you discovered it.

2. Not Reading Discs, Games, Videos, Etc.

If you insert a disc into the PS3 however, the console does not recognize it, think about these situations:

1. Your best bet is to believe that the disc probably dirty.

Remove the disc and clean it thoroughly using a cleaning solution.

2. If the PS3 cannot detect the drive, then it may be due to an unclean lens.

Lenses are delicate electronic component However, not so much that you’re unable to clean it by yourself.

If you’re still covered by an warranty, it’s better to allow Sony fix the issue at no cost.

Although cleaning the lens shouldn’t be difficult, getting it done it is a difficult task, especially when you need to fully open the PlayStation.

To ensure that you are doing it correctly to do it right, follow the directions on this instructional video

When you reach the lens, take the Q-tip and then put a couple of drops of cleaning solvent onto the lens.

The lens should be gently scrubbed until the lens is clear.

If you notice threads of cotton on your lens, remove them using fiber cloth.

3. Unfortunately cleaning the lens wasn’t the last option.

If the PS3 isn’t able to recognize the disc as of now it means that it’s likely that the Blu-Ray Laser drive is broken and will require replacement.

They’re not designed to last forever. their lifespan ranges from 1 to 3 years.

To bring your console back to functioning condition, you’ll need to replace the drive on your own or ask Sony to replace it for you, otherwise it will burn circles onto the discs, and cause them to be damaged.

If you are planning to build it yourself then you must determine what kind that Blu-Ray drives your PS3 utilizes.

If you see a control board that is exposed at the lower end, the drive’s model number is KEM-400.

If it is not the case, the model number is KEM-410.

3. Issues with audio or Video

1. If you’re experiencing a complete blackout, ensure that all cables are connected.

2. Also, check whether the settings for display for TV and PS3 as well as your TV is on the same page.

There could be compatibility issues between your PS3 audio or video settings as well as your video output.

Setting the PS3 will reset to the default video format that works with all TVs.

In order to reset your station unplug all the components , then hold the power button for five seconds.

3. If you’re seeing a blurred or blurred image it could be because the definition of video may differ between TV and PS3. PS3 as well as the TV.

If you’re using HDTV you must configure the PS3 to work with HDTV.

4. If your audio disk isn’t working, it could be copied-protected.

5. If your PS3 was functioning perfectly at the time that you played with it, and now you’re experiencing issues with audio and video, you might think that something’s not right in it’s Graphics Processor Unit or RSX chip.

It is best to allow Sony solve this issue because it’s not possible to fix it without indispensable tools.

4. Freezing

A lot of lag, menu freezes or any other kind of freezing may occur for various reasons. Here are a few suggestions you can do.

A. Restart the PlayStation

A restart of the console a straightforward method that works the majority often.

Hold on the power switch until your system is shut down.

Take a moment until your PS3 to cool, then turn it back on.

B. Check the Connections

A slowing of the game may be caused by damaged cables or an insecure internet connection.

Make sure that all cablesthat are connected, such as the Ethernet cable, is correctly connected.

It’s recommended to disconnect the entire system and then reconnect them once more.

C. Check the Internet

Restart your router or modem.

If you are experiencing a constant lag it could be due to an unsatisfactory internet connection.

D. Update the Firmware

Sometimes, an update to the system can be all you need to get rid of the constant freeze or lag.

Download the most recent updates to fix the issue and system glitch.

E. Examine the Hard drive

If the delay occurs during the process of loading data onto the drive could be due to it being full.

Examine the storage capacity and clear some space to correct the issue.

If the HDD has enough space, it could be damaged and require repair or cleaning.

F. System Restore

Navigate to Settings after which you can select System Restore.

This technique could help you be able to solve your problem fast.

Try to take out the hard drive and then install it.

If your system is freezing without giving you an opportunity to fix it, you should find an acquaintance with PS3. PS3.

Insert your hard drive into their console, and it will format its settings.

Reinstall it in your PS3 and it will be functioning perfectly.

G. Get It Repaired

If none of these solutions solves the issue then you must take the PS3 for Sony to determine the cause of the issue is and how to solve the issue.

5. Overheating

Overheating can happen to any device that you leave the device on or use it for long periods of time in particular if it’s in a closed space.

If the system gets too hot it will trigger the safety feature to activate and close down the PS3 instantly.

It isn’t likely to come back on for more than 30 minutes due to the fact that it has to cool down before that.

If this happens the first thing you need to do is move your PlayStation to a room that is ventilated.

A cooling stand purchased is also a great idea.

Sometimes, dust on the components of the system might be causing the excessive heat.

Bring your PS3 outdoors and blast compressed air through the vents at the bottom.

If you’re not getting any results then you’ll have to open the PS3 and scrub all thermal compounds off of the GPU and CPU.

6. Problem with lights

A. No Lights

If your PS3 is now not emitting any light, there’s a great possibility that the power source is damaged.

It will be necessary to call Sony to repair it or replace it on your own.

Launch the PlayStation and then check the type of power supply you have installed.

Find a replacement with identical specifications, and

B. The Red Light of Death

The Red Light of Death (RLOD) is when the power status light transforms into an orange blinking light prior to the console is shut off automatically.

It’s typically due to overheating. So, follow the guidelines in the section on overheating.

The RLOD could also occur as a result of a worn-out hard drive.

If you’ve been using PS3 for a few years, then a failing hard drive is common and you’ll need replace it in the future.

However, if this issue persists for an almost new device, contact an expert to take an examination.

C. The Yellow Light of Death

The Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) is among the most frequent issues PS3 players have to deal with.

It could be due to overheating, similar to the RLOD.

If not, shut off the console and allow it to chill.

Once you have switched it back on, you should listen attentively at the sound of the fan.

If you notice the fan begin to run briefly, and then shutting down immediately, it is an infected motherboard.

The soldered joints that connect both the CPU as well as GPU chips are failing.

Re-soldering the motherboard to the chips will fix the issue.

If you can’t notice the fan turning on then there’s an issue with the power source.

Replacing it could resolve the issue.

7. Issues related to the HDMI Cable

If you see the ” No display” error message on your screen but no audio the could be damaged.

They are usually not functional for longer than a couple of years. You’ll have to replace them in order to fix the problem.

Buy a top-quality one in case you don’t wish to experience this issue next time.

Tips to Keep Your PS3 Working Well

  • Keep the appearance of your PS3 as cool as is possible. Do not put it in a closed cabinet or in a drawer.
  • Make sure to keep the PS3 clear of dust since dust can cause numerous issues. Do not leave it on the floor to absorb all dust. Blower compressed air into the vents every month.
  • Don’t leave a disc in your drive when you don’t use it. It could cause problems with your computer in the long term.
  • If you find a brand new firmware update that is ready for installation, allow a couple of days prior to downloading the update. There are times when Sony issues updates, they have bugs that are not discovered, and they only show up after a sufficient number of users have installed the update.
  • Make sure there isn’t a disc in the drive prior to installing updates, otherwise the Blu-Ray drive may fail.

Under Warranty?

Before you try to resolve any issues in your PS3 it is important to determine whether the console still has the warranty.

Find the date of purchase on the receipt If it’s been less than one year since the purchase, you’ll have the option of having your PS3 repaired at no cost from Sony.

If any of the solutions in the following list will require you to open the PS3 in order to remove the seal, you’ll need to take off the seal and then you’ll be voiding the warranty.

Before taking the PS3 to Sony to fix it ensure that you scrub all dust from the system by blowing compressed air into the system.

If they spot the machine is covered in dust, they’ll simply cancel your warranty right there.

For those who don’t have a guarantee let’s talk about the solution to your PS3 issues on your own.