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PCSX2 is a free and open-source PlayStation 2 emulator for video games and you can use it with Windows, Linux, and macOS. The initial release was made about two decades before and the emulator is completely free. PCSX2 also supports Playstation 2 consoles. You will experience a similar environment even using a PC as PlayStation 2 users. You can not imagine the popularity that the PCSX2 emulator has, it has played more than ninety percent of the current Playstation 2 library.

The emulator provides you with a fully customizable resolution based on your screen size as well as device specs. If you talk about graphics, the emulator will automatically upscale the graphics for better quality according to the device’s specifications. The emulator has a built-in video recorder for those who love to share their playing videos.

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PCSX2 Cheats List

PCSX2 cheats are limited but their functionality is above the mark. These cheats are not much easy to use but don’t worry we are here to provide you with the ultimate guide that will reduce troubles in enabling these cheats. If you like emulator games, this emulator is definitely for you. If the answer is yes, you should use the cheat codes with the emulator.

PCSX2 Cheats

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
Inf Moneypatch=1,EE,20a9196c,word,0098967f
Inf Drive Pointspatch=1,EE,20d33774,word,000f423f
NO Random Battlespatch=1,EE,20d25724,word,00000032
Max Song Barpatch=1,EE,202f6444,word,3c05000f
After Battle Extra 100 Drive Pointspatch=1,EE,202edb98,word,0802800C
After Battle Extra 100 EXPpatch=1,EE,201869e8,word,08028014
After Battle Extra 100 Moneypatch=1,EE,202c0d58,word,24840064
PCSX2 Cheats

PCSX2: How to Use Cheats?

Activating Pcsx2 cheat codes is a complicated process but with the help of our ultimate guide, you can use the very easily. The emulator has many games but the process to enter cheat codes remains the same. The steps are a little bit technical, and the chances of errors are much higher here, so carefully read the below-given instructions.

Here is a complete breakdown of all the steps that you will use to activate the Pcsx2 cheats. We hope you can easily enter the codes even if you are new to the emulator.

  • Search for the CRC number of the desired game
  • Search for the Pcsx2 cheats directory
  • Create a new file using the CRC number
  • Download a third-party converter
  • Convert cheats
  • Add cheats to the file you created earlier
  • Check the Pcsx2 to see whether codes are working or not

PCSX2 Cheats Codebreaker

First, you need a codebreaker in the disk or iso file. Next swap out the DVD or select the ISO and choose “Swap Disc”. When you start your game immediately press the X key from the keyboard. These cheat codes are provided by Sony and that’s why you can use them fearlessly. Actually, Sony owns the cheat code rights. PCSX2 becomes a more interesting emulator with cheat codes.

PCSX2 Cheat Converter

Here you also need a PCSX2 Cheats Converter to enable cheats. There are many online platforms from where you get a converter free of cost. Click here to get search for the best PCSX2 Cheat Converter.

PCSX2 Gameplay

(Video Credit: someother1ne)


So, we have explained everything that will help you with PCSX2 usage. If you follow the exact guidelines as we enlisted above you will not face any issues. As you can see it is very handy to use cheat codes in PCSX2 and play games on this amazing emulator. We tried to cover all the aspects to enable cheats in this emulator but still, if you face any error or problem, you may contact us through the comments section, and we will definitely help you guys. You may also read our other articles on various strategy games like XCOM 2 Cheat Codes, shooting games, and car racing games.

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