Is Alienware Worth It? (Pros, Cons, Full Review)

Alienware is a well-known brand, particularly among avid gamers and multimedia developers.

It is possible that the brand is the complete package thanks to its high-tech, flashy designs.

Many people hesitate in their choice among Alienware or other game brands.

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This is primarily due to its high prices.

This article can help you decide whether Alienware items are well worth the money by taking into consideration the advantages and disadvantages.

Is Alienware Worth It?

It is more complex than simply “Yes” or “No.”

It’s all dependent on what product you’re discussing and what you intend to do with it as well as whether or whether you’re a tech expert and so on.

When you consider every pros and cons listed in this post, Alienware Laptops can be worth the price.

For the desktops and computers you’d be better to build your own.

Of course, only if you have the skills, knowledge, and the time.

If not, the value you buy could be worth the price you pay.


1. Elegant Design

One of the most striking and most striking characteristics in Alienware is its design. Alienware company is their distinctive and contemporary style.

The textures and materials in laptops and desktops give you the impression that they’re completely amazing.

Alienware makes use of anodized aluminum, copper, platinum, as well as magnesium to make their products extremely rigid and rigid.

Most Alienware pieces feature cool RGB lighting that spans multiple locations.

Based on the model you choose The RGB lighting may be visible in the Alienware logo, the keyboard and the edges of casings for laptops, as well as the trackpads.

The lights and colors are completely customizable via The Alienware Command Center.

The latest laptops allow users to personalize each keyboard key independently and be imaginative!

The latest laptops have less slick looks and have rounded corners.

They limited the flashing lights to a handful of key areas on laptops, thereby making the laptops appear more sophisticated appearance.

Overall Alienware’s bright products stand out from their rivals.

2. Powerful Features and Performance

The company is one of the leaders in the gaming world and its gaming equipment lets you stand out from the other players.

Their primary objective is performance, and that means they’re willing to sacrifice dimensions and weight.

But the latest laptop models are slimmer and support the same top-of-the-line hardware as previously.

Alienware’s new laptops and desktops are equipped with the 10 10th technology Intel Core overclockable processors with Nvidia’s newest Super GPUs.

This combo lets you enjoy amazing performance and vibrant gaming, while also giving you amazing ability to create content.

Alienware laptops come with video RAM, instead of normal RAM, which can increase gaming performance.

They come with a 9-ms reaction time, high-voltage driving fan and thermal control that is dynamic.

The latest models for desktops come with the latest liquid cooling GPU, that delivers significant improvements , while reducing temperatures and noise.

The older models also have liquid cooling that cools the CPU.

Furthermore, Alienware products give you many options for personalization.

If you’re looking for overclockable GPUs and CPUs, dual SSDs, or OLED panels all in one You can get it.

3. Innovation

The most recent versions of Alienware laptops come with an that lets you login to your device quicker by using biometric authentication.

The facial recognition technology eliminated the requirement of typing in an account number.

A new cooling technology for laptops of the present ensures optimal temperature and enhances performance.

Alienware’s new clear-coat formula is able to ward off streaks and stains, meaning you can eat your snacks while playing without fearing that you’ll stain your valuable device.

The most current headset models include specially tuned drivers, custom-designed chambers and earcups for acoustic use as well as retractable microphones that offer outstanding voice quality.

4. Wide Range of Screen Options

These additional screen options aren’t essential for everyone however it’s nice to have them available.

There are options for 4K, GYNC, and an increased refresh rate which is ideal for gaming.

If you are playing games that exceed 60FPS Alienware has 120-Hz screen which offer incredibly smooth gaming.

5. High-Quality Keyboards and Touchpads

The most modern desktop keyboards include the latest generation of that have a key longevity up to 50 million keys!

They’re also fully programmeable.

The ergonomically enhanced design and floating key structure make it easier to play with ease.

Alienware laptops are also equipped with quality and reliable keyboards, that are crucial for gaming.

Fantastic basic typing action, a crisp lettering font and crisp feedback allow you to type quickly and easily.

The laptops come with a stylish touchpad.

The latest models are equipped with high-quality touchpads made of glass which make gaming extremely enjoyable.

However, you cannot utilize the surface for clicking however, there are two distinct buttons beneath.

They’re simple to press and ideal for gaming.

In many Alienware models, touchpad and keys light up in a variety of colors that can be customized.

6. Support and Warranty

Alienware systems are easily overclocked, which makes them secure and reliable devices.

With Alienware you’ll always be able to finding answers to your issues through a quick search Reddit, YouTube, Quora and many other platforms that are interactive.

But it doesn’t end there.

Dell and Alienware offer excellent customer service for their entire range of products.

They provide both telephone service and web services.

Alienware provides a standard warranty of its goods.

It also includes free two-way shipping with a one-year service on hardware and in-home assistance once the issue is diagnosed remotely.

The company offers additional warranties that could cost you quite a bit However, it’s best to choose the warranty for a substantial expense such as the Alienware laptop.

There’s first an option called the “Premium Support” program in which Dell support technicians will identify your issue and connect you to an Alienware representative.

“Support Plus,” also known as “Support Plus” program is an upgraded version which will maximize PC performance and get rid of viruses.

You can purchase these packages for up to four years or two years.

7. Reviews

While there is a heated dispute among consumers over the issue of whether Alienware products are too expensive however, those who buy the gadgets are usually happy with the results they come up with.

Many have written excellent reviews of Alienware gaming desktops and laptops.

Even the headphones provide plenty of great feedback.


1. Expensive

Everyone knows that Alienware is a costly brand.

Many people believe that the details and extra features are worth the cost.

There are some who think that the devices are priced too high.

This controversy is mostly about the desktop PCs of the brand.

But their laptops are quite expensive.

Laptops from Alienware aren’t the most expensive laptops available However, some users believe they’ll pay an extra few hundred dollars when they purchase the laptops.

It’s not unfair to say that the prices have improved in recent years, and it is possible to find affordable prices if seek out bargains.

But, the Alienware standard products are in the middle of the gaming spectrum, and they don’t have low-cost gaming laptops or desktops.

2. Unbalanced Systems

Many think that Alienware is too naive when it comes to its equipment.

For instance in the Aurora series of computers, they give around $1000 towards the processor.

Achieving the top processor available is acceptable but you must not reduce overall quality.

For example they don’t come with the highest-quality video card that would accompany the processor, as well as an SSD.

They can improve the performance of their motherboards and power supplies, and.

This approach doesn’t enhance the performance of your computer.

Many gamers believe that Dell utilizes their poor-quality RAM and motherboards in a few models of its Alienware products.

3. Left Out Details

There is a debate about whether Alienware utilizes a very top-end processor in their products as a marketing strategy.

In this way, the majority of consumers will assume that all components are as top-of-the-line like the processing unit.

But their eye-catching i9 processor isn’t more efficiently than the i7 processor if it’s equipped with the right RAM, GPU, and HDD.

This idea becomes more relevant when a company has to leave certain particulars from the descriptions.

As an example, they always forget to mention their top-of-the-line processors, but they don’t specify who is the manufacturer of their other parts.

In addition, they do not mention the specific motherboard or power supply they are using.

This information is vital to inform you of the quality of service you’re receiving.

High-quality motherboards and power supply make sure that your system lasts.

Sometimes, they put speed over quality when they design their assembly methods and have major failure rates in their final product.

There are reports of laptops that were not functioning or having basic issues when they first arrived.

4. Cooling Issues

Problems with cooling are typical in Alienware laptops because they are focused on performance.

This model lets you add other components, pushing the specs beyond their limit.

But, these upgrades aren’t only costly they also boost your CPU’s temperature.

The temperature may reach 90 degrees and cause damage to components of the laptop over time.

You’ll have to compromise the performance by limiting the frequency of the boost and draw of power to keep the laptop cool.

The side of laptop is an effective way to do this.

5. Heavy and Thick Laptops

As previously mentioned, Alienware manufactures high-performance laptops and PCs that may not be the most appealing or lightweight on the market.

If you’re looking for a specific style depending on your personal preferences, you can view this either as a positive or an issue.

The laptops are built with thicker casings, which means they tend to weigh heavier than other gaming laptops.

If you’re thinking of keeping your laptop in your home and solely gaming, this shouldn’t be a problem.

But for those who take their laptops everywhere it can be a hassle.

The latest Alienware laptop models like the M15 and M17 are smaller and lighter.

However, it’s recommended to evaluate their weight and size to the other brands, so that you don’t get surprised when you receive your new device.

6. Lack of SD Card Slot

In contrast to its rivals, Alienware doesn’t include an SD card slot in any of its laptop models.

It could be a concern for photographers, video editors as well as anyone who uses portable storage media.

The problem isn’t as difficult to resolve.

An easy solution is to purchase an USB SD reader.

7. You Could Build Your PC for Less!

Many gamers who are avid and are knowledgeable about desktops and computers believe that you can construct your own PC for less and with the same high-end features as Alienware’s configurations.

They say that you’ll see that, if you select all of the components and parts your self, you will not find inferior products within the layout.

You could save lots of money over the course of your life or use the extra funds to purchase more powerful components to your equipment.

In addition, building your own PC isn’t difficult.

You can find out more about it on the internet.

It’s going to take some time and you’ll have to understand some basics but it will be well worth it.

Who Should Buy Alienware?

If you’re in search of an laptop that is capable of handling the most demanding games, intensive video processing, intense streaming, audio editing, advanced programming or any multimedia creation, Alienware is an excellent alternative.

They’re still more expensive than others and you’ll know that you’re getting a sturdy and sturdy device.

If you’re searching for an ideal desktop but don’t know much about computers, but need a quality computer, go for the Alienware device.

It’s because even the cheapest models are fantastic PCs.

Whatever you choose you’ll get an instrument that will help you solve your problems.

However for those who prefer to create their own computers and customise their own systems, Alienware isn’t such a suitable choice.

If you are part of this group, you could construct your own home for less money , or with more power.

Everyone has their own preferences, needs and financial factors.

You are the only one who chooses the kind of model and brand is best suitable for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Alienware Overpriced?

The issue is currently up for discussion.

A lot of people believe that, similar to other big corporations, Alienware sells its products at a higher price than what they’re worth.

The markup will vary based on the model and product line. the model.

The problem is more pronounced when dealing with Alienware desktops.

On contrary there are those who believe that modern and high-tech design are well worth the price.

2. What’s So Special About Alienware?

Alienware is often the focus of gamers who are hardcore.

One of the most unique features in Alienware items is the unique style.

The texture and adjustable RGB lighting will turn heads.

They also use modern technology in their pieces that focus on strength, performance and speed.

These elements create a fantastic gaming experience.

3. Alienware can customize its products according to your preferences and enhance performance even more.

But, they all are expensive.

Finally, the company offers excellent customer service as well as additional warranty plans that are available for purchase.

3. Is Alienware Better Than Apple?

Comparison between Alienware as well as Apple is similar to the comparison of apples and oranges.

Both brands have high-quality products that are able to meet various requirements, but they’re also suitable to different kinds of customers.

If you’re looking for high-end video games, a high processing power, as well as an enormous storage space, Alienware is your obvious option.

Additionally, Alienware products are better for people who prefer Windows or are content to carry additional weight.

Apple products are suitable for regular users, such as students, businessmen and anyone else who is involved in creative work in motion graphics, office design, and regular video editing.

Their light weight makes them perfect for transport.

You must also be comfortable with iOS systems in the event that you’re planning to purchase any of the Apple’s.

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